Narcissism Is Taking Over Dance Music


Abs, stats and fakers pushing out the real DJs?

Right before our eyes those of us who were part of the dance scene in the early hedonistic days are baring witness to the dismantling and de-evolving of our once open minded all embracing ground-breaking scene into a narcissistic, image,  self-obsessed, vain, selfie, fucking cult!

It’s all about abs and social stats today rather than the euphoria and unity the music once brought with some of the younger generation having no fucking idea what the scene is or was about.

Now; not all the up and coming are so self obsessed, but a vast majority are, either through ignorance or pier pressure or both!

And now that attitude is pervading all aspects of the scene with some pathetic promoters actually using body image as an excuse to stop an established artist from playing at a gig WTF?

Thankfully there are still a great many clubbers who respect and support the core value of the scene which is the fucking music and will act as a buffer to these fake diamond and foam pretenders who’ll hopefully jog onto the next cool meaningless trend and balance hopefully will be restored!!

THERE has been an overwhelming  response of support to legend Scott Diaz and rightly so..


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