Laynee’s Top 10 Tech House & Techno Tunes September 2018

  1. Doninik Schwarz, A*S*Y*S- Destruction (Original mix)


  1. Johnny Kaos- Interspace (Original mix)


  1. Paul Kalkbrenner, Simina- Shark Island (Paul Kalkbrenner mix)


  1. DJ Murphy, Dolby D- Scream Art (Hell Driver remix)


  1. Marla Singer- Path (Original mix)


  1. ABYSSVM- Apnea (Original mix)


  1. UMEK- You might hear nothing (Original mix)


  1. Marton Project- Tunnel (Original mix)


  1. UMEK- Collision Wall (Original mix)


  1. Erik Erixon- Take This (T78 Remix)


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