DJ Laynee’s Top 10 Tech house & Techno January 2018


Laynee’s Top 10 Tech House & Techno tunes


  1. Stephan Bodzin- Strand (Original mix)


  1. Hidden Empire- Black Beauty (Original mix)


  1. Thomas Schumacher- Stella (Original mix)


  1. Amelie Lens- Follow me (Original mix)


  1. Arjun Vagale- Age of Lust (Original mix)


  1. Mario Ochoa- Aldebaran (Original mix)


  1. Felix Bernhardt & Pappenheimer (Superstrobe Remix)


  1. Ace Alvarez- Checkmate (Phutek Remix)


  1. Kxel & Hertzqvake- Eclipse (Alen Milivojevic & Drzneday Remix)


  1. Goncalo M- Some fun before I die (Original mix)



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