DJ Laynee’s Top 10 Tech house & Techno February 2018


Laynee’s top 10 Techno and tech house tunes


  1. Anna- Hidden Beauties (Original mix)


  1. Henry Saiz- September (Raxon remix)


  1. OC & Verde- Sacrifice (Original mix)


  1. Several Definitions- The Driving Bassline (Original mix)


  1. ANNA- The Dansant (Original mix)

  1. Felix Bernhardt, Pappenheimer- Wet Feather (Superstrobe remix)


  1. Toni Alvarez, Jose del Barrio- Sunglasses at night (Gene Karz, Lesia Karz remix)


  1. Roby M Rage- Naked Sun (Original mix)


  1. Steve Shaden- Narkotic (Original mix)


  1. Roentgen Limiter- Dangerous Impulses (Sopik remix)


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