Damon Hess Music Producer Talks to Iconic Underground


Damon Hess Music Producer Talks to Iconic Underground

IMG_1086Damon Hess is a House DJ and Producer, Currently signed to IBZ Music Records and affiliations, and partners with Ocean Beach Club Ibiza, Wayne Lineker. He currently holds 1 top 10 Club Chart Hit (GOOD IMPRESSION) Feat Imogen Blue, and is releasing an upcoming album (IBZ BLUES) 2016 with other projects including (DHDM) Damon Hess & Deep Matter. his latest tracks Include (CRAZY) Feat Lydia Lucy (ANYTHING AT ALL) Feat Zahra Palmer… we caught up with Damon to have a few words

How did it all start Damon?

  1. I started out as a drummer in a fairly big band called Littlecrazy signed to PCS Records After time we went our separate ways, over 20 years of doing bands and producing real instruments and with the love and passion for house music i decided to carry on  my career with a new Genre producing Deep commercial house.

What DJ’s / Artists / Producers are behind your ever driving passion for the scene, and who would you like to work with in the studio?

  1. Even tho I produced a diff genre of music I do love Calvin Harris mainly for his amazing song writing, other DJ producers that inspire me are, my good friends Deep Matter & Going Deeper.

What is key in the whole production process?

  1. Well i produce on Logic x, i mainly start with the drums and move forward from there, i find it easier when we already have a vocal sorted helps me no which way to go, but i also sometimes produce and then write the vocal to the track afterwards.

What advice would you give the aspiring Producer on how to be creatively original in an already saturated market?

  1. My advice would to be unique, don’t try be someone that’s already there, experiment and try new things with different sounds and fins your own sound.

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What drives and motivates you?

  1. I love to sit in the studio, but there is no better feeling than performing your own songs that feeling is amazing and that drives me to do what i do its a job but the best job.

How do you see the underground house, dance music scene now and where do you see it evolving?

  1. Underground house is the less popular but one of my favorites, mostly you see the deep underground tech stuff in Ibiza and ill say it will always be there and will only grow each year.

If you ended up trapped on a god forsaken island what would be the top 10 essential cuts that you must have to survive and why

  1. Ha Ha hard question, to survive i would need my iPod I cannot live without music.

    EDM, thoughts?

  1. I’m not the biggest fan of EDM but yes your right its a Genre that’s going no were fast, when you have people like Calvin Harris knocking out number 1s.

What is the future of electronic music?

  1. The future of electronic music can only get bigger and stronger, it now so easy to make a track from your bedroom but it still boils down to is it any good?, but with it allowing so many people to try that couldn’t before it can only grow as a market.

What are your next big project / collaborations / Album plans for the 2016?

  1. I have several Collabs with my good friends Deep Matter, but the biggest of them all is a 2 Collabs with the famous Sonique, big track coming later this year on Reklas Records, with Mixes from Deep Matter, Maff Boothroys and Dancing Divas, with a MTV music video in the pipeline.











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